NeuroKinetic Therapy & Corrective Exercise To Resolve Chronic Pain & Poor Posture

NeuroKinetic Therapy uses a series of manual muscle tests to identify compensation patterns in a quick, comfortable, and effective manner.

NeuroKinetic is used to determine which muscles need strengthening and which muscles need releasing. With this information, an effective 10 minute corrective exercise routine is prescribed to be performed daily. Daily repetition of a short corrective exercise routine will correct dysfunctional coordination and the compensation pattern that has manifested in the musculoskeletal system.

* NKT identifies which muscles are facilitated & which are inhibited.
* Identified facilitated muscles are released with corrective stretching & self- massage techniques.
* Identified inhibited muscles are strengthened with corrective strengthening exercises.
* Restored muscle function is then integrated into functional movement patterns with training of the primal movement patterns that make up all human movement.

NKT & Corrective Exercise is an effective method to resolve chronic pain and poor posture by treating the root of the problem.