NeuroKinetic Therapy & Corrective Exercise To Resolve Chronic Pain & Improve Posture

NeuroKinetic Therapy & Corrective Exercise To Resolve Chronic Pain & Improve Posture

How Poor Posture & Movement Habits Manifest as Chronic Pain

Poor posture and movement habits (such as poor walking mechanics) are stored in the brain as dysfunctional coordination. Dysfunctional coordination is when the brain signals the body to activate an inappropriate series of muscles to perform an action. With time, dysfunctional coordination manifests itself as a compensation pattern.

Compensation patterns involves some muscles working overtime (facilitated muscles) to do work for other
muscles that aren’t working properly (inhibited muscles). This leads to an imbalance of strength on either side of a joint or series of joints. These tension and strength imbalances manifest in the body as postural imbalances, joint restrictions, weakness, and poor movement quality. Left untreated, these factors eventually take their toll on the soft tissues of the body resulting in chronic pain and poor posture.

Dysfunctional Coordination Stored in the Brain -> Muscular Compensation Patterns -> Joint Restrictions, Weakness, Poor Movement Quality -> Chronic Pain & Poor Posture

Implementing NeuroKinetic Therapy & Corrective Exercise To Resolve Chronic Pain & Poor Posture

NeuroKinetic Therapy  using muscle activity testing to identify compensation patterns in a quick, comfortable, and effective manner.

NeuroKinetic Therapy allows me to prescribe an effective 10 minute corrective exercise routine to my clients that may be performed daily. Daily repetition of a short corrective exercise routine will correct dysfunctional coordination and the compensation patterns that have manifested in my client’s musculoskeletal system.

NKT & Corrective Exercise is an effective method to resolve chronic pain and poor posture at the very root of the problem.

  • NKT identifies which muscles are facilitated (over active) & which are inhibited (shut down).
  • Identified facilitated muscles are released with corrective stretching & self- massage techniques.
  • Identified inhibited muscles are strengthened with corrective strengthening exercises.
  • Restored muscle function is then integrated into functional movement patterns with training of the primal movement patterns that make up all human movement.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain and poor posture can often be effectively treated with a do it yourself 10
minute routine performed daily!

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Austin Norris
Integrated Movement Specialist, Yoga Teacher, & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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