Healthy Living Tips For The Winter Season!

Healthy Living Tips For The Winter Season!

Healthy Living Tips For The Winter Season!
The cold winter season often throws unique challenges into our daily routines. Besides longer commuting times and dealing with slushy clothing, the winter season can also be hard on your health.  Here are some tips to stay healthy and happy this winter season:

Keep a Small Bottle of Oil of Oregano on You!
Oil of Oregano is well known for its natural antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.  It’s a cold and infection fighting powerhouse. If your sinuses or throat are suddenly feeling icky, a few drops of Oil of Oregano will do wonders to clear it up before an infection develops. Oil of Oregano can also be used to treat or prevent urinary uract, respiratory, yeast, & parasite infections. It’s important to note that using Oil of Oregano is not advisable for infants, children, nursing and expecting mothers. 

* Strengthen Your Immune System with Cold Showers!

I start my day with a “Scottish Shower” (alternating between hot and cold) and find it’s a great way to shock my body and mind into gear for the day. Aside from increasing alertness and boosting my metabolism, I find it’s a great way to develop discipline and strengthen your mental resilience. Creating and sustaining personal and professional success often means getting the job done regardless of how it feels. I find starting the day with an unpleasant shock of cold water sets the tone for a successful and productive morning regardless of how lethargic I’m feeling.

While this certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s a powerful way to prepare your body and mind for the winter season and offers a wide variety of benefits

Cold showers:
– Stimulate the immune system, increasing white blood cell count. This helps your body protect itself against viruses and infections.
– Stimulate the cardiovascular and metabolic systems. This means you’ll be burning calories faster throughout the day while also reducing your risk of heart disease.
– Locks your body’s natural oils in when bathing, improving the quality of your hair and skin. This will help prevent dry skin and dandruff. 
– Increase testosterone production and sperm count in men. 
– Flush the lymphatic system when alternating with warm water. This helps flush toxins out of your body’s tissues and strengthens your immune system.
– Improve muscle recovery when alternating with warm water by flushing lactic acid build up out of your muscle tissues. 

* Reduce Neck & Shoulder Tension; Keep Your Head & Neck Warm!
Our head and neck are some of the regions of our body that are most aggravated by the cold weather because we don’t carry a lot of body fat in those areas. If our neck is cold, our natural reaction is to shrug our shoulders up and forward to cover it up. This is something we may be doing unconsciously throughout the day if we don’t cover up properly with scarfs and toques. Unfortunately, this often becomes another contributing factor to chronic neck and shoulder tension. 

* Spend More Time on Mobility & Flexibility Drills

Unfortunately, the cold weather can do a number on our joints. Our fascia (the soft tissue that surrounds our muscles and joints) hardens in response to the cold, creating muscle tension and restricting our range of motion. Our fascia will also tense up when we aren’t moving regularly. This is why we feel so tight first thing in the morning. Generally speaking, we are less active during the winter months because we make an attempt to stay warm by staying inside. 

The trick to staying limber is moving frequently to prevent soft tissue from hardening. Making an effort to practice mobility drills throughout the day will go a long way. I suggest setting up some space in your home to practice a 5-10 minute mobility routine a few times a day. A yoga mat, swiss ball, stretching straps, and yoga blocks make for a great start. Carving out some time for movement everyday will keep your body warm and limber! 

With some simple lifestyle adjustments to prepare your body and mind for the cold weather, you can enjoy all the delights winter has to offer!

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