Personal Training & Movement Therapy

Primal Motion is rooted in the philosophy that no matter what your fitness goals are, mastering efficient movement patterns is the foundation of successful training. Optimizing your movement patterns will improve your posture, correct muscular imbalances, build body awareness, free your body from its restrictions, and improve performance. The more efficiently your body moves, the harder you can train it, and the faster it will recover. This equates to faster results, less risk of injury, and beautifully coordinated movement.

While training 1-2x/week is ideal for the best results, clients are not tied into long term contracts or required to commit to a minimum training frequency. This means you can train as frequently or as infrequently as you’d like without any obligation to continue.

• 2-4x/week: All of your training needs covered during sessions.
• 1-2x/week: 50% of the work done on your own, 50% done during training sessions.
• 1-4x/month: Program design consultation basis. A training program is taught to you to be performed on your own.

All new clients should start with a minimum of 1x/week for the first 4 weeks to adjust to a regular training routine.