Personal Training & Movement Therapy

Private Training integrates manual therapy, corrective exercise, physical conditioning, yoga, & lifestyle coaching to optimize body mechanics & effectively achieve fitness goals.

Fascial Abrasion Technique & Joint Mobility

Fascial Abrasion Technique & Joint Mobility Training is used for incredibly quick and sustainable flexibility results.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy & Corrective Exercise is used together to identify and correct muscular imbalances and movement dysfunction. NKT is used to effectively improve posture, resolve chronic pain, and improve performance.

Online & Distance Training

Primal Motion offers online and distance training. Receive an online exercise program tailored to your body’s unique needs. You’ll have access to exercise video instructions, program variables, and printable workout sheets.

Group & Yoga Classes

Primal Motion offers a group class that is a fusion of Primal Crawling Drills, Joint Mobility Training, Corrective Exercise, Yoga, and Physical Conditioning to optimize posture, movement efficiency, and transform physiques! Yoga classes are also available!



Primal Motion offers a variety of educational workshops & seminars for the general public, yoga teachers, and other movement specialists. Workshops are offered internationally at yoga/training studios, corporate spaces, holiday retreats, and conferences.