After being an elite athlete for over 15 years and constantly pushing my body past its limits, I was left with a very long list of injuries and countless referrals to physios and chiropractors. Having an assessment with Austin Norris gave me an all over body analysis and an honest and accurate appraisal of where my body was at in this point in time. Austin provided me with a program of corrective exercises to help rehab my injuries and a workout program that was tailored to my body’s needs. Austin has been very patient and responsive to my athlete’s mindset of training and has helped to modify and guide my program in a way that works for me. He also introduced me to Fascia Abrasion Technique which has had amazing results. Austin is a trainer who takes his client’s concerns seriously and is really in it to help his clients obtain results and make lifestyle changes that are realistic and attainable. His honest and caring approach makes working with a trainer a great investment for a healthy and happy life.