Forward Head & Slouching Posture

Suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain? Develop an understanding of how to identify and treat forward head & slouching posture.

Lower Extremity Instability & Lower Crossed Syndrome

Trouble balancing? Experiencing foot cramps? Unidentified knee and hip pain? 
Learn how lower extremity instability and lower crossed syndrome may be affecting your life.

Scoliosis & Chronic Back Tension

Deepen your understanding of scoliosis and other common imbalances that create chronic back tension. Learn corrective exercise, lifestyle tips, and release techniques to improve your back health.

Common Yoga Injuries: Prevention & Treatment

Arm yourself with need to know information to practice yoga safely, avoiding injury. You’ll learn about common yoga injuries and how to prevent them with corrective exercises and alignment techniques.


Reversing the Damage of Prolonged Sitting

Sitting is the new smoking! Develop an understanding of how sitting is detrimental to your posture, metabolism, and cardiovascular health. Learn work space solutions, corrective exercises, and lifestyle tips to prevent and treat the damages of sitting.


Workshops At Your Studio, Workplace, or Event

Primal Motion offers a variety of educational workshops for the general public, yoga teachers, and other movement specialists. Contact Austin to book a workshop at your studio, workplace, or event.

Customized Workshops
Customized workshops, classes, and presentations may be
designed for your event, conference, or workspace upon request!
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