The ELDOA Method: Semi-Private Classes


What is ELDOA?

ELDOA are a series of postures that create maximal decompression at specifically targeted joints in the body by creating lines of pull on the myofascial system. It uses the strength of your muscles against the tension in your fascia to release areas of tension and strengthen areas of weakness. The result is a balanced fascial and musculoskeletal system.

ELDOA was created by world renowned Osteopath, Guy Voyer based on his extensive studies in Osteopathy, Orthopedic Medicine, Sports Medicine, Sports Trauma, and Physiotherapy.

There is an ELDOA for each functional unit in the spine (ie. L5S1) as well as for the peripheral joints (ie. ribs, shoulders, hips). ELDOA’s are performed at maximal intensity based on full body myofascial anatomy.

ELDOA effectively builds the strength, body awareness, and endurance to maintain optimal static and dynamic posture. ELDOA also treats and prevents compression and repetitive strain injuries at the joint level.

Benefits of ELDOA:

*Normalize Disc Bulges
*Reduced Degrees of Scoliosis
*Increased Flexibility
*Improved Muscle Performance & Tone
*Normalization of Visceral Function
*Reduced Stress
*Injury Recovery and Prevention
*Reduced Joint Inflammation
*Delayed Disc Degeneration
*Increased Disc Hydration
*Increased Blood Flow
*Improved Posture
*Relief of Neck and Shoulder Tension
*Relief of Chronic and Acute Back Pain

This Class is Suited For:

* Office workers in need of postural restoration and relief from back pain.
* Athletes who would like to explore innovative techniques to improve their recovery and prevent injury.
* Rehab patients looking for safe exercises to add to their routine to retain their movement quality.
* Special populations looking for a safe and accessible exercise routine

Class Times:

Primal Motion (Queen/Spadina) - Friday @ 6:15pm
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Primal Motion is located at Queen and Spadina:

174 Spadina Ave. Suite 104

Buzz #104 for building access or text 647 990 8244

Street parking available on Queen Street & Cameron Street.

There is also a parking lot right next to our building!

Pure Motion Centre (Yonge/Sheppard) - Monday @ 6:30pm

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Pure Motion is located just above Sheppard Station at:

1205-4789 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario