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Manual Therapy: The Catalyst to Reprogram the Human Nervous System.

Applied Functional Neuroscience Therapy:


Once our assessment is complete, our treatment sessions begin by clearing dysfunction at the very top of the dysfunction hierarchy - the brain.

In the human body, the hardware (muscles, joints, fascia) adapts to the software (the brain and nervous system). For optimal success, we must treat the software before we can treat the hardware.

Muscles and fascia are controlled by the nervous system which responds to sensory input. 75% of the motor control system is processing sensory input. If there is corrupt sensory input to the brain, it results in a dysfunctional response. These dysfunctional responses manifest into pain, injury, or inhibition.

NKT identifies areas of dysfunction and P-DTR ( Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex) treats their related sensory input dysfunction.  Examples of sensory input include impact, tissue stretch or pressure, emotions, temperature, sound, and touch.
By clearing the sensory input dysfunction at the top of our treatment, our massage and corrective exercise prescription will be super effective because we have cleared the source of inhibition at the neuro level. Your brain, your nervous system, and your body will be “open minded” to learning new ways to function. It creates the window of opportunity to reprogram the nervous system with functional movement training.

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Massage & Manual Therapy:

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  • Once relative sensory dysfunctions have been cleared, the next step is to treat the tissues themselves. This usually involves a combination of releasing fascial adhesions, decreasing muscular tension, treating triggering points, and improving circulation to areas of restriction. In practice, my traditional swedish massage therapy techniques are often complemented by tool-assisted fascial abrasion techniques and dynamic soft-tissue release. The goal of the manual therapy portion of our treatments is to improve overall tissue quality and resolve structural restrictions that are affecting your performance.

    Massage Therapy treatments may also be tailored for:

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Fascial Release

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Relaxation

  • Recovery from Sport & Exercise

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