Personal Training, Posture Correction, Performance Training, & Injury Rehab

Movement Therapy - The Code That Reprograms the Human Nervous System.


Personal Training for Posture, Performance, Pain- Free Living, & Injury Rehab

After clearing sensory inhibitions and soft tissue restrictions, your body is in the optimal state to replace dysfunction with functional movement habits. Over the last 10+ years I have learned several modalities from various schools of thought to rehabilitate physical function, correct posture, and optimize movement patterns. Some of these school of thought include: SomaTraining, ELDOA, Yoga, and  CHEK Institute. Check my bio page for a complete list of relative courses I have taken throughout my career.

Your exercise prescription will be specific and unique to the results of your assessment and your treatment goals. These exercises are highly detailed so you will be sent home with recorded videos of your exercises so you can study and practice them outside of our treatments.

Functional Conditioning & Movement Coaching

A strong and functional body is not built with therapeutic exercise alone. As necessary as fine tuning your movement mechanics may be, it doesn’t offer the intensity required to develop the strength, physique, and performance you desire.

While my practice has a therapy focus, my roots are in the realm of personal training and movement coaching. I’ve been personal training for over 10 years integrating elements of functional conditioning, bodybuilding, kettlebells, clubbells, yoga, circus, calisthenics, and gymnastics.

I’ve always lived a very active lifestyle and over the years have experience in fitness modelling, parkour, rock climbing, aerial acrobatics, circus flow arts, dance, and yoga. My involvement in these activities is often reflected in my training style.

Treatment and Training Frequency: A Flexible Approach

I have patients who see me as frequently as three times a week, some who see me as infrequently as once every eight weeks, and everything in between! While I find the best results come from weekly sessions, I’m happy to modify my services to best use our time together. Sometimes just a few sessions and adherence to a specific therapeutic exercise prescription is all you need!