Master Movement As Nature Intended.

Primal Motion is an integrated movement therapy practice that embraces elements of physical conditioning, corrective exercise, yoga, and manual therapy. Primal Motion restores postural & muscular balance, builds athletic physiques, and conditions bodies to master movement as nature intended.

Primal Motion is based on the concept that every movement is made up of 7 Primal Movement Patterns: Squatting, Lunging, Bending, Pushing, Pulling, Twisting, & Walking. For example, a baseball pitch is a combination of a Lunge, Twist, & Push. Primal Motion is designed to integrate & master these movement patterns.

Primal Motion – Movement Efficiency & Posture Assessment
The Primal Motion movement efficiency & posture assessment analyzes standing posture, movement patterns, & joint function. It will identify areas that may be causing pain, leading to injury, or hindering daily performance.

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