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Registered Massage Therapist

Therapeutic Exercise & Strength Coach

A Rehabilitation Journey that Evolved Into a Passion For Helping Others…

My calling to movement and manual therapy manifested from my personal struggle with injuries, poor posture, and chronic pain. My youthful love for adventure and extreme sports left me with significant physical trauma. By the age of 18 I had fractured a bone on every limb, was suffering from debilitating posture, and struggled daily with back pain.

My personal frustrations with my limitations developed into an obsession to rehabilitate my body. The progress I was making ignited the inspiration to coach others on a similar journey. It’s been 12 years since I recognized this as my noble purpose and the fire is far from burning out. My humble beginnings as a personal trainer has evolved into a daily pursuit of developing an integrated therapeutic approach to treat a large variety of human conditions. In an attempt to quench my thirsty curiosity, I’ve dabbled in the continuing education realms of fitness, therapeutic exercise, massage therapy, yoga, neuroscience, and osteopathy.

I pride myself in being a polymath, a generalist in a healthcare system crowded with specialists. I’m excited to have the opportunity to become a part of your self-care journey.

Austin Norris

In His Personal Time

Austin’s love for performing arts, music, dance, and circus is instantly recognizable by his radical self-expression, curious choice of style, and enthusiasm for life. While Austin’s work is a significant source of his happiness and identity, he can be found training aerial acrobatics (Straps), practicing martial arts (Krav Maga), playing with fire (Circus Fire Flow Arts), sending boulder problems (Rock Climbing), and tearing up dance floors in his free time.

Austin also enjoys opportunities to perform and model. You can find his modeling portfolio online at:

Career Highlights

  • Austin offers continuing education workshops for yoga teachers, RMT’s, and movement professionals. His corrective exercise, injury prevention, and posture workshops have been integrated into several Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Austin has also taught in England, Turkey, and Costa Rica.

  • Austin enjoyed his work as a research assistant for John Griffin (Author of Client Centered Exercise Prescription) for his Functional Mobility Screening in Adults 50-70 Years of Age project. Austin has spent a lot of time since then working with seniors to improve their quality of life through movement and manual therapy.

  • Austin’s participation in Toronto’s performance arts community has allowed him to treat and train many professional performance artists including members of the National Ballet and Cirque du Soleil. Austin works regularly with several professional acrobats, dancers, actors, and local circus performers. He is excited to continue tailoring his services and workshops to the performing arts community.

  • Austin has worked with professional MMA fighters, professional dancers, actors, and members of the CFL, NHL, and NFL.


Education & Qualifications


School of Massage Therapy:

College Diploma:
Massage Therapy - August 2017

  • Member of  The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

  • Member of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario

George Brown College:

Advanced College Diploma:
Fitness & Lifestyle Management – June 2010

– Graduated on Dean’s list with academic achievement awards in: Kinesiology, Muscle Physiology, Exercise Physiology, & Client Centered Exercise Prescription

– Research Assistant for John Griffin (GBC Professor & Author of Client Centered Exercise Prescription) for his Functional Mobility Screening in Adults 50-70 Years of Age project.


Osteopathic Physical Rehabilitation & Conditioning:

Institut de SomaTraining (Montreal) : Class of 2018 – 2020


ELDOA Level 1 & 2: March 2018

ELDOA Level 3: April 2018


Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Abdominals and Diaphragm

Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Lower Limbs

Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Upper  Limbs and Trunk

Squat & Posture

Myofascial Stretching

Manual Therapy & Functional Neuroscience Therapy:

P-DTR – Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex :

Foundations: Aug – Nov 2018

Intermediate: April – June 2019

Advanced: Sept – Dec 2019 (TBC)

NKT – NeuroKinetic Therapy:

Level 1: Oct 2014

Level 2: Feb 2015

Level 3: Dec 2017

Functional Integrated Therapy:

Fascial Abrasion Technique: April 2011

Performance Taping – Oct 2010

NeuroFlex Balancing: 2011-2012



The Yoga Sanctuary Education:

250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: May 2013

Arm & Hand Balancing:  December 2013

Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training: November 2013

Experiential Anatomy: September 2013

Movement Therapy & Physical Conditioning:

Can-Fit Pro:

Personal Training Specialist: Aug 2007

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology:

Certified Personal Trainer: March 2010

Exercise Is Medicine Canada:  

EMC Certified: March 2016

Current CPR & Standard First Aid – Renewed annually since Oct 2006

Kettlebell Training Academy:

Kettlebell Training Specialist: Level 1 & 2 – Nov 2008

Applied Posturology:

Paul Gagne – Test It, Fix It: May 2012

Scientific Flexibility Training: PNF Stretching – May 2012

Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains In Training – May 2013


Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology:

CHEK Institute Education:

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach: October 2011

CHEK Exercise Coach: March 2012

Advanced Program Design – 2013

Equal But Not The Same: Considerations For Training Females – 2013

Scientific Shoulder Training: 2011-2012

Scientific Back Training: 2011-2012

Scientific Core Training: 2011-2012

Program Design: 2011-2012